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How to play soccer well!..

Football is a very popular sport all over the world. It's a lot of fun, so it's no wonder you wanna play it.
This is a sport that requires you to be in optimum physical condition and have a lot of resistance. It is a contact sport, so there is a possibility of injury.

Learn the rules of the game.
It may seem like a waste of time, but it will help you know what to do during a game. The general rules for football are:
-You can not use your hand unless you're a goalkeeper.
-The game must start with a kick from the centerline.
-The ball is out of play once it has completely crossed the side lines.
-A goal only counts if the ball passes the line of the bow and if there is not a play out of play.
-If your team sends the ball off the sidelines, the other team has to take out (and vice versa).
-If your team throws the ball out of play on the line behind the bow, the other team has to take a corner kick.
-If the other team kicks it out, your team gets a goal kick.
-When a throw-in is made, both feet must remain on the floor and the hands should be behind the head.
-Offside is not allowed.

Improve your skills
-Practice for at least one hour and at least once a week. If you have to get a good level of fitness, practice for 30 minutes every day until you feel that you are on the same level as the rest of the players on your team.
-Learn to dribble correctly. When dribbling, keep the ball close to you. Do not kick the ball very far so you do not have to accelerate so much to get it again. Slightly move the ball forward with the inside of the foot. Start walking and dribbling.
-Learn how to make passes correctly. To make passes, he kicks the ball with the inside of the foot. Do not kick your toes. It measures the force with which you will strike it with the distance that is the one of the player to whom you try to send the pass to him. Do not kick too hard, because you might not receive the pass, but neither does the patees very soft, but it will not catch up.
-Learn to shoot the net. When firing, the ball must make contact with the top of your foot, just above the toes. The rule of thumb is to take a step, place one foot next to the ball and then kick it with the other foot. Practícalo and then with time you will be able to do it without even thinking about it.

Plays well as a team
-He always plays clean, according to the spirit and what the rules say. If you cheat, other players will not want to play with you or give you a position you do not like.
-In difficult conditions, stay calm. It is easy to maintain composure when things are okay, but when they are not, real athletes are the ones who step forward and are tested.
-Support and encourage your teammates at all times. We all make mistakes sometimes and we do not make them on purpose.
-Pay attention to the formation of your team and the opposing team. A player must constantly look around, should look at the other players in the field so that he recognizes the opportunities he leaves when attacking or weaknesses when they defend.
-Play as hard as you can in practices and matches. You have to give 110% all the time. Never be defeated for lack of effort.
-Show respect for your coach, referees and opponents, win or lose.
-A good football player must have tactical conditions, skills and knowledge. A player must work on all three to be the best he can be.

During matches
-Do not just "kick" the ball unless you are in a dangerous position in front of your goal.
-Always keep your position.
-When defending near your goal, the player closest to the ball must attack
-On the defensive side of the field, always move the ball towards the line and away from the center of the field.
-Good dominators pass the ball before they get into trouble, not after they are in trouble. Do not catch the ball. Pass it on to your teammates.
-Make long strokes with the ball. If you clean, raisin or strip, MOVE the ball.
-Shoot. Do not hesitate to make a shot if you have a chance. Kick the bottom of the net, where the archer is not.
-When you are on the offensive, always support your teammates with the ball.
-Do not be afraid to be aggressive. You can not push, trip, hit, kick or manipulate other players without receiving a penalty, but do not be afraid to push with your shoulder to get the ball.
-Ganes, loses or ties, when you leave the court, if you have given 100%, you should understand that you have nothing to complain about and there is no reason to be ashamed.
-Always wear comfortable clothes and shoes.

.Be yourself.
.Practice, practice, practice.
.Wear clothes and shoes that you feel comfortable with.
.Do not extend your hands to try and stop a pass or a shot from one of your teammates and .opponents, but they could warn you (except for the goalkeeper, although unintended use of the hands may be appealed).
.Learning new tricks will help you a lot.
.Always have the ball on your feet.

Try to follow these rules and wish you to be better!!!

Good Luck.

With Friendly Regards,
Curatolo Leonardo, Atene, 19/1/2017