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Γούναρη 131 & Ιθάκης 18, Άνω Γλυφάδα, Αθήνα-Ελλάδα


Saying goodbye to the year of 2016, I cannot think of the satisfaction and joys that gave us.

We were able to confirm the excellent results we had in previous periods.
The brand Legea confirmed once again a fashionable brand that like and simultaneously meet the market demands.

I thank all the people who work for and with the Legea, for their valuable professional contribution.

To all sellers of Legea I send a warm hug for helping to expansion of the brand with great success.

Not only reaches a thank you for all groups or clubs of all sports and this year confirming their cooperation with our famous brand.

Wish to all new our club a future of successes.

As for my enemies, what to say......... I note with pleasure that you have raised the bar..... Very ... well.......!!!

As does our sole director Luigi Acanfora: "In one attack answers
a loving word, in a challenge with a sweet smile. "

Personally I would add: "your weakness is where my strength begins"

I wish you a Happy, Creative New Year!!

Curatolo Leonardo