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Who said that fitness is necessarily synonymous with fatigue, sweat and monotonous and repetitive exercises? Misty Tripoli, a well-known American sportsman, has upset the classic concept of doing physical activity by introducing the Body Groove, the new way to train while having fun and having fun, which has been depopulated and I'm still doing it in various countries.

Born as an idea to get back in shape at home, the concept of the Body Groove of the former American dancer is based on the idea of ​​keeping fit and healthy not only for the appearance or for an aesthetic factor but mainly to feel good about yourself, for your own inner well-being.

The Body Grove is based on choreographies and dance steps that are simple and accessible to anyone and is synonymous with freedom as there is no correct way to perform the steps: coordination is important but not necessary, there is no right or wrong, no there are limits, corrections, movements done well or badly done. What really matters in the Body Groove is to move the body freely and without brakes, creatively and letting yourself be carried away by the flow of music. One is completely free to follow one's own style without the fear of being judged and at the same time learning to listen to one's body signals.

In addition to being captivating and pleasant, the Body Groove is also very practical as there is no type of heating and as soon as the music starts, you start to unleash it. No special equipment is required and even the shoes are optional, leaving more freedom to those who choose to undertake this type of fitness.

There are three main trainings and each of them is divided into specific routines of no more than 3-5 minutes to be performed alternately and in a loop for the duration of the session.
The accompanying music is fundamental and must be chosen with care: slow and relaxing rhythms are certainly not the ideal soundtrack to move the body to the time of music while cheerful tunes and lively songs will help you to follow Milly's choreography with the right energy. As for the calories burned, these fluctuate between 136 and 186. Not bad for this new type of fun, original and 100% living fitness.

Keep groove with HeartandSoul!!!

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Leonardo Curatolo, Atene 24/9/2019