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Here is a little beauty guide for you to treat your hair under the umbrella. It is known that the sea damages the hair very much .. will it be the fault of saltiness? Here are some small tips to reinvigorate them and avoid coming back from holidays with frizzy and stressed hair.

If on the one hand we love the beach effect (hair that is lightened, natural highlights, foliage with a wave effect), on the other we have to be very careful. As for the skin, you need to protect your hair from external agents: chlorine, salt, wind .. the first suggestion is absolutely to let them take a break from hair dryer and plates, let them dry naturally! In this way, the hair is strengthened and the hair slowly takes shape.

It would be useful to use a nourishing product, such as coconut oil, linseed oil or monoi oil, to prevent the hair from becoming too dry due to the sun. It is very important to use sunscreen products for hair, as ultraviolet rays act precisely to weaken the stem, dehydrating it and lightening it.

It is essential to use the product daily and rinse the hair with salt water with cold water every time we leave the water. The saltiness makes the hair dry and frizzy.

On vacation, especially at sea, hair is washed yes and no every day. This is a real source of stress for them. The advice is to use a very delicate shampoo and the conditioner or mask is a must! A small suggestion is to apply a very light layer of balm without rinsing it. In this way, a protective film is created that fixes the nutrients on the lengths making the hair soft and shiny.

For a real post-holiday detox, there are also many solutions such as active carbon masks or diamond dust, ad hoc scrubs that clean and give shine.

Another tip is to avoid hairstyles that are too tight and elaborate: the scalp is hard to breathe, retains moisture and salt and the result is always the same: the hair gets ruined. W loose hair or tail and soft braids! A fashion alternative to hairstyles is the hat .. and to be super on the beach, the straw hat is a must-have accessory especially between 11 and 15.

Once you return home, do not give up a compress with lukewarm olive oil: it gives shine and softness to damaged hair.

If you follow these little tips, we guarantee you a strong, nourished and shiny hair even at the end of summer, saying goodbye finally to the straw effect!

With Friendly Regards,
Leonardo Curatolo, Atene 19,7,2019