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It is scientifically proven: exercising with a partner is not only more stimulating but it is also more productive and the results are definitely greater. Not doing solo training but choosing your best friend as a companion helps you reach goals faster and with more enthusiasm and above all halves fatigue.
Why? First of all because you have fun and you stimulate each other, forgetting the physical effort you are making and then why you burn more calories.

The first important choice is that of the perfect friend who must not be too competitive and who must have rhythms very similar to their own in order to guarantee the success of the training.
The next step is related to selecting the most suitable activity to do in two and in this case you can indulge yourself. Running, swimming, tennis, rowing, crossfit ... the choice is really wide and if you don't know how to get to one, try them all to increase the leisure and discover new skills.

Another fat-burning alternative to be done in pairs is to train at home, taking advantage of the other's body weight. Every day you can choose which part of the body to tone: from the arms to the legs, from the abdomen to the buttocks, the exercises are numerous and always different. The squats will become less strenuous by placing one in front of the other, grabbing your forearms and lowering and raising yourself at the same time, as well as the abdominals can become double, placing you back to back and at the same time rotating the trunk first to the right and then to the left. Not only. You can do push ups and couple taps, walk on hands and many other workouts that will put you to the test, spurring you to continue.

The beauty of doing fitness with a friend is also to be able to eat well and select the right and healthy foods for every meal and snack. From breakfast to dinner, you can cook the ideal menu for your training days.

Obviously the perfect outfit cannot be missing. What's better than a nice day of pre-sport shopping to find the perfect outfit?

So, doing fitness in two with the perfect friend is the ideal solution for those who need the right push to do some movement because there are no more excuses to take: if one of them invents that she can't train, the another will be immediately ready to intervene, giving the right charge and motivation.

With Friendly Regards,
Leonardo Curatolo, Atene 17/7/2019