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Γούναρη 131 & Ιθάκης 18, Άνω Γλυφάδα, Αθήνα-Ελλάδα

After 1623 years the first running "ROAD OLYMPIC TRUCE" "PATH OF TRUCE" 2017

Ms. Sofia Chintziou Kontogianni president of the Confederacy Olympia mentioned the goal of the organization, is to defend the principles and values that stem from the idea of the Olympic Games as they were held in antiquity. He stressed that before the Olympics messengers preached the sacred truce which was a condition for participation in the Games.

He noted that the "Confederacy Olympia" utilizing ESPA money (via Leader) tries to reshape its 49 km. Of the ''Path of Truce'', joining Ancient Elis to Olympia, with the participation of all those involved with the modern Olympic movement athletes and citizens to walk the street in an attempt to show the meaning of the truce in the difficultl times we live in.

The events that will precede on April 6 at the War Museum of Greece and on April 19 in Elis, is dedicated to Olympism and the Truce. During the event will be various cultural events and exhibited Greek artists on sport and truce.

The holder of national records in the marathon, Commander Spyros Andriopoulos reported both procedurally the first "Olympic Truce road" to be held on April 20, with the executive body ASAED, and in the event taking place in the War Museum.

We are looking forward to seeing you there!

With Firendly Regards,

Curatolo Leonardo, Atene, 31/3/2017