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NIKI VOLOU new Alexander Tsianakas!!! LEGEA

The debut of the NIKI VOLOU jersey made Alexander Tsianakas in the match against Ethnikos Filippiada. The young footballer from the NIKI VOLOU Football Academy was represented by his teammates at the press conference that followed the victorious match which expressed their condolences to John Vergas and his family and added that rejoiced that his debut was associated with victory.

The statement of Alexander Tsianakas:

"On behalf of all my teammates say condolences and courage to Giannis Vergos family on hard times go by.

As for me I am happy that I combined my debut with the victory of my team.

In mental reserves that had players and were able to manage not only the equalizer of the National but mainly psychological shock caused by the loss of his father Yiannis Vergos, he stood in his statements Stephen Xirofotos after the end of the match. Voliotis technician was laconic as it was obvious that he was influenced by the mournful atmosphere of the day.

Stephen Xirofotos after syllypithike public and the player at the loss of his father, said about the game: "Today we face a difficult and very good opponent. We knew that it is a tight group. We did not have many opportunities. However we had the mental reserves to manage the game as it should and we arrived at another victory. Congratulations to the players and move on. "

To wish to the team the best!

With Friendly Regards,

Curatolo Leoardo, Atene, 28/2/2017