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FK SPARTAK SUBOTICA--Hardly hosting in Ivanjica

Spartak Ždrepčeva in the match round 23 Super League visiting team Javor in Ivanjci.
The match is important for both teams because they have the same goals entering the playoffs.

Suboticians worked hard last week despite the high loss against Vojvodina in the last round, said coach Andrej Černišov announcing upcoming matches - We are all aware of how much is important this match. The team Javor is in the group of teams that are fighting to enter the playoffs, just like we do. And rival The conscious is the importance of this match, but we all have in mind that this is an important game for both teams. The second round is a continuation of the championship and now we have a clearer picture, recording and statistics which we will address with our players. After the game with Vojvodina will change and when it comes to gaming staff, probably the tactic.

The following season FK is significantly rejuvenated team, leading to oscillations in the game.

Nobody's been able to give them the young players play a 7-8 game at a high level. It's always been that young players can play a match or two, well, after which the dose to the lows of the game. At the moment we have many young players in the game, and when they are at important places in the team, such as central defender or midfield players, it is important not to make a lot of pressure on them. It is better to quietly make an analysis of mistakes made and to correct those in training. With them, we spend more time in training and if we keep going, they will reach stability to have a continuity of good games.

In the ranks of Spartak Ždrepčeva all are ready for the game, except Anđić who is seriously injured and who will long be absent from the field.

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