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On New Years pie cut on Thursday night (02/02/2017) The club Apollon Smyrni.

Happy New Year with victories to wish to the Club ''Apollon Smirnis''

On New Years pie cut on Thursday night (02/02/2017) The club Apollon Smyrni. The management of the club, the members of the football division and delegation of FC Infrastructure segments found in the offices where they exchanged greetings for the new year.

The pie has cut from the president of the club, while Hector Monemvasians lucky was the player of our team, George Ntasios, the player of the Academy, Aris Xhaferi, the security officer, Costas Savaras and the employee of the club, Nikos Tsalas.
Just before start cutting the cake from the president of FC Hector Monemvasia after Kostas Belo welcomed new signings signings became snippet view from ntokimater of NOVA in the legendary group came in the UEFA Cup with goals from veteran ace and coach Lefteris Youth Velentza the 1994-95 season in memorable game of Livadia in front of 2500 fans of "Light Brigade". So the players of the first team and especially younger athletes Apollo got taste, learning part of the greatness of the history of the club.

With Friendly Regards,

Curatolo Leonardo, Atene, 9/2/2017