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S.S. Virtus Lanciano 1924 Cooperation with Legea!!!

Società Sportiva Virtus Lanciano 1924 is an Italian association football club, based in Lanciano, Abruzzo.
It last played in Serie B in 2015–16, and is currently not taking part in any leagues.

he club was founded in 1919 and refounded in 2008 with the current name.

In the season 2011–12 it was promoted to Serie B for the first time under the guidance of Carmine Gautieri, who also led the team to its debut season in the second tier, ended in a safe mid-table position.

Virtus Lanciano gained national news in end-2013 after the club, now headed by Marco Baroni, surprised the whole country by leading the league table undefeated, against all odds, by the end of October.

The club ended the 2015–16 season with relegation, and successively renounced to register for the new Lega Pro season due to financial and administrative issues. The club was excluded altogether from the Italian football league pyramid, and is currently only active as a youth sector.

The team's official colors are red and black.

Lets talk about the city of Virtus!

The city of Lanciano:

Lanciano is a town and comune in the province of Chieti, part of the Abruzzo region of central Italy. It has 36,304 inhabitants as of 2011.

The city is also known for the first recorded alleged Catholic Eucharistic Miracle.

The ancient Roman name of Lanciano was Anxanum, a city of the Frentani Italic tribe. The city is said to have been founded in 1181 BC by Solimus, a Trojan refugee arrived in Italy along with Aeneas. Legends aside, archaeological findings have shown that the area was settled from the 5th millennium BC.

Under the Frentani it was probably under the influence of Greater Greece.

Apart from the city of Lanciano, the comune (municipality) of the same name contains 33 contrade. The population of the contrade has been estimated (as of 2005) at 12,682.
Lanciano is a substantial town near the coast to the east of central Italy, in the Abruzzo region, that can trace its history back over 7000 years.

It is a pretty town with an interesting historical centre known as Civitanova, and a backdrop of snow-capped mountains.
We suggest you start your tour of Lanciano at the cathedral.

Called the Basilica of Santa Maria del Ponte (Saint Mary of the Bridge) and situated on Piazza Plebiscito, the neo-classical style cathedral we see today dates from the 18th century (the belltower in the early 17th century), although an earlier church stood here from the 11th century onwards.

Th cathedral is built on the ruins of a Roman bridge - the name comes from the bridge itself, and the discovery of a statue of the Madonna and Child during the building of the cathedral.
there are several other important monuments in Lanciano, including parts of the original medieval defences, in part dating from the 11th century.

Church of Saint BariAmong the most notable are the town gate, known as the Porta San Biagio and the imposing town walls and associated towers, such as the two towers of the Torri Montanare, built in the Middle Ages to defend the town.

Numerous smaller palaces and town houses can also be seen. On the medieval workshops in a 15th century building on Via dei Frentani (corner of Piazza Frentani) you can still see the original arcades.

See also the Archbishop's Palace, built at the end of the 16th century on Piazza dell'Appollo.

Continue onwards towards the east to explore the Parco Nazionale d'Abruzzo, Lazio and Molise, a large National Park with a diverse range of environments and scenery and plenty of opportunities to explore the beautiful countryside of this part of Italy.

These are the most intresting places to visit in Lanciano!!!
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